Panel Cleaning UPVC Sprinkler Standard


  • UPVC Sprinkler Material that fits direct in 1/2″ standard UPVC PIPE
  • Suitable up to 335 watt panels only.
  • Heavy duty Bracket for 35mm and 40mm panel size. Fits beneath Panel without extra components.
  • Most easy fitting in the market with fastest installation
  • Patents applied and Successful design with pre testing and research
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Buy Panel Cleaning Sprinkler. UPVC Material, Shadow less design. Filterless design. 10 years warranty. 100 % Successful and proven. Difference in next billing.

• 100% successful specially designed for Out door UPVC Solar Panel Cleaning Nozzle Sprinkler.
• Most Easy and successful Design in the Market.
• The only UPVC material solar sprinkler in the Market that fits without any additional components like threaded Tee, Couplings, extra fittings.
• Fits only UPVC 1/2 ” Standard Pipe.
• Note: Extra Solution can sometime spread in to nozzle hole and jamm the Sprinkler. Make sure you don’t apply excess UPVC solution on pipe.
• Need Minimum 35mm (1.5 Inch) Gap between two Raws of Panels.
• Use only Submersible Pump to get best results. Use 0.5HP Pump up to 13 Nozzle and 1 HP Pump up to 25 Nozzle. IN case of pipe chocking due to no use of cleaning for long time, removing jam is possible without removing piping. Just remove the Nut and Grub screw from the bottom side of sprinkler, clean the sprinkler and again assemble the grub screw and nut.

Additional information

Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 15 × 0.625 cm



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