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Panel Cleaning UPVC Sprinkler Special


  • Special Clamp for panels do not have enough frame at the back side. Mostly above 335 Watts.
  • Suitable for 35mm thick panels only
  • Most easy fitting in the market with fastest installation
  • Patents applied and Successful design with pre testing and research
  • Nylon Clamp with pin pointed grub screw
  • Sprinkler UPVC, Special clamp Nylon, 3/8″ Grub Screw,3/8″ Nut
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Buy Panel Cleaning Nozzle. UPVC Material, Shadow less design. Filterless design. 10 years warranty. 100 % Successful and proven. For Frameless Mono panels.

• Special design clamp for large Panels mostly above 335 Watt. These latest panels do not have enough frame at the back side..
• 100% successful specially designed for Out door UPVC Solar Panel Cleaning Nozzle Sprinkler.
• Most Easy and successful Design in the Market.
• The only UPVC material solar sprinkler in the Market that fits without any additional components like threaded Tee, Couplings, extra fittings.
• Fits only UPVC 1/2 ” Standard Pipe.
• Fits only in 35mm thick panels
• Note: Extra Solution can sometime spread in to nozzle hole and jamm the Sprinkler. Make sure you don’t apply excess UPVC solution on pipe.
• Need Minimum 35mm (1.5 Inch) Gap between two Raws of Panels.
• Use only Submersible Pump to get best results. Use 0.5HP Pump up to 13 Nozzle and 1 HP Pump up to 25 Nozzle.

Additional information

Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 15 × 0.625 cm



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