Terminal Box 140 X 190 X 100 MM – 20X 4 SQMM


  • IP65 Water Proof Enclosure 140 X 190 X 100 mm
  • Fitted PG 13.5 Glands and 4 Sqmm Terminals
  • ABS Material for Outdoor Applications
  • Terminal Junction Box
  • PVC Gland 13.5 – 6x
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buy Terminal Junction box Idis India waterproof IP65 with 20 terminal blocks 4 Sqmm TBs. 140 X 190 X 100 mm ABS Enclosure. PG13.5 Glands 2x. Virgin ABS Material

IP67 water proof terminal box junction box suitable for internal connections and joints.
ABS material for long life for industrial wiring, relays, circuits.
Can be used for wiring box and distribution boxes.
Pre fitted PVC Glands PG13.5 (2x) and 4 sqmm terminals (20x) on 35mm Din Rail.
Can be used as an IOT network enclosure, Sensor enclosure, Embedded PC case, Instrument enclosure, Industrial control box, Junction box, Distribution box, Audio amplifier chassis etc
Silicon Sponge O-ring with Nylon Screws.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 16 × 20 × 11 cm



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