3 Phase 32A (1x)


  • Industrial Plug & Socket Three Phase 32 amp Capacity with complete internal wiring, Ready to use.
  • Widely used for residential and Commercial single phase supply for heavy machines, Distribution Boards etc.
  • Can be used for Single Phase EV Charging Connections, Pump, Motor and heavy load connections.
  • Wall Mounting with hidden mounting location. Great Aesthetics.
  • Plug And Socket, Wall Mounting Screws, Enclosure Box With Internal Wiring
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Plug Socket Enclosure 3Phase 32 Amp Industrial by Idis India. No dealer No distributor. Pan India Supply. Sibass Plug and Socket, IP67 waterproof Enclosure.

•Idis India’s ready made Industrial Distribution board with 32 Amp Three Phase Plug & Socket, IP67 ABS Enclosure 100 x 100 x 80 mm and complete internal wiring and terminals.
•Suitable for connection of plug for electricals, Electronics, Air conditioner, Home, Office, Factory, EV Charger, Pump, Motor and many applications.
•Inbuilt wall mounting option with Cable gland.
•Heavy duty 3mm thick Virgin ABS material.Great Aesthetics and super strong rigid design and development by experienced professionals, Supply from direct manufacturer at very reasonable price.
•32A Single Phase 3 Pin Sibass make premium quality Plug and Socket IP44.
•Avoid short circuits of old type metal plug and socket enclosures.
•ISO9001, CE, ROhS, NABL Certified Company.

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Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 25 cm



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