Three Phase ACDB 1 To 10 KW MCB SPD Economic


  • Enclosure: 210mm x 190mm x 100mm IP67 Transparent Top PC ABS Enclosure by I-closure
  • MCB : 32 Amp 4 Pole 6Ka AC MCB Chint
  • SPD : Sibass 40KA 3Phase AC SPD
  • 10Sqmm Terminals and 4 Sqmm AC FR Cable
  • Suitable for On grid and Off grid Three Phase Systems up to 10 KW
  • Enclosure water proof IP67
  • MCB 32a 4P Three phase
  • SPD three phase 4 pole
  • Terminals with wiring
  • Wall mounting screws
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Buy Economic Solar ACDB 3PHASE 1 to 10 KW with MCB SPD by Idis India. No dealer No distributor. Pan India Supply. With Chint MCB and Sibass SPD, IP67 Enclosure.

  • Most Economic Three Phase Solar ACDB box panel for 1kw to 10kw On grid and off grid solar systems.
  • Widely used in Residential solar systems. Full Protection with MCB and SPD in IP67 Water proof enclosures.
  • Best In class by Most Experienced and Professional solar acdb dcdb manufacturer.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 19 × 10 cm


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